Thursday, October 7, 2010

Psychic in San Diego! Help for YOU. Help for your PETS.

I learn from my pets every single day. They help remind me to be in the present moment and enjoy life.

Our companion animals reflect us and how we feel. They communicate with us through their behaviors.

What is your pet trying to tell you?
Is there anything that could make your pet happier?
Why is your pet afraid?
Why is your pet aggressive?
Why is your pet going potty in unwanted areas?
Why does your pet have itchy skin?
Do you want to check in with pets that have passed?
Is your pet's diet in need of an evaluation?
How can you and your pet enhance your relationship?

These and other questions can be addressed during our session. Call 619-384-0761 or email

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I also offer services for PEOPLE... not just animals!

I can give feedback about...

Psychic experiences
Changes you want to make
Your spiritual path
Your purpose this lifetime
Past lives
And much more!

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